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Easy as 1-2-3


Start With Impact

You begin by selecting the emotional theme for your experience or journey. How are you hoping to impact people on a deeper level? Choose from our library of 20+ transformational paths that will help you zero in on purpose. 



Make Moments Immersive

Build your experience or journey moment by moment, activity by activity. These prompts will encourage you to think about how you're creating interactive & enriching moments, as well as how you're engaging guests in sensorial ways. It works for spaces, too! 



Visualize The Journey

Use the storyboarding functionality to map out enriching experiences for your guests. Move moments around, make logistical notes, and use Reverie to keep your team inspired and on the same page with what each experience entails. 


Reverie in Action

How do you take a basic & expected experience and turn it into something interactive and meaningful? Using Reverie, of course! In this walkthrough we show you how a simple ‘full moon dinner’ was turned into something so much more meaningful with a little imagination and guidance from this powerful tool. 

If you've been asking yourself and your team questions along the lines of: how can we make this crafting activity more impactful? How can we make this hike more interactive? How can we make this catamaran experience about more than just swimming? 

Reverie has the answers. And if you're not asking yourself these questions, why not? Now's the time to start so you can attract more high-value guests seeking high-value journeys.

Research shows that by focusing on making OK or good experiences better — creating defining or peak moments — businesses can receive 9x higher revenue return.



  • Is this like a course? Or an itinerary builder? Or a journey-mapping tool?
    Most resources & tools today fall into two different buckets: ones that teach (like courses), and ones that enable you to get a job done (itinerary builders). Reverie is a happy marriage between the two: it makes insights actionable. It helps you creatively conceptualize and map out your journey using storyboarding & experience design best practices.
  • Creating transformative and wellbeing experiences is important to me, will this help me?
    This is 100% what Reverie was created for. We have been studying transformational travel and wellbeing in travel for many years and this tool will prompt you to think about how your experience impacts your guests on a deeper level. Of course, supporting people on their path to flourishing isn't a formulaic thing, but we are confident that Reverie will be an important tool in your box for supporting you.
  • How can I share my experiences with others?
    You receive one login for your team and it makes for a great internal collaboration tool. You can also share with prospective travelers and guests via a public share link!
  • Will this help me market my experience?
    Directly, not at this moment. Indirectly, it will help you differentiate, see positioning possibilities, and support you in creating more captivating copy to promote your experience. Use your sensory-rich descriptions to paint a picture of your journey and share it with your marketing team!
  • Is there a way to organize my library by client/business?
    The above video does not show this, but when you sign up for a multi or provider plan, you will have an additional library to help you organize your experiences by different clients/brands. So if you have multiple properties, tours, or clients, this is the best option for you.
  • How is this different than working 1-on-1 with The Storied Experience?
    The Storied Experience services are extensive, involving a lot of deep exploration and creative conceptualizing. If you're not ready to fully invest in working on that level, Reverie walks you through an abridged (yet still powerful) version of our creative process. When coupled with the spark course, it's incredibly impactful. But of course like anything you diy, you're limited to your own Perspective. Reverie is designed to help you stretch your perspective, and you will get a chance to submit questions once a month for expert feedback.
  • I'm still on the fence. Can I learn more about this process somewhere?
    Spend some time reading through The Storied Experience insights library. There's plenty of information there that will help you understand how we approach experience design, tips and other considerations for you to be thinking about, as well as free workshops and trainings. And be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to get new insights delivered straight to your inbox!
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