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What will you dream up for your guests?

Reverie: (n) / (rɛvəri) A state of daydreaming, imagining, or fanciful musing

You're ready to start creating more enriching and immersive experiences for your guests, so you gather your team for a brainstorm session. Armed with sticky notes and sharpies, you stand in front of a bare whiteboard. You encourage your team to put their observations, musings, and creative thoughts on paper – “no idea is too crazy!” you say. But you’re not sure what really makes a moment meaningful, and neither is your team.


Enter Reverie: Journey-Mapping x Storyboarding

A powerful web tool for navigating the complexities of human behavior, desires, and emotions, to help hosts & operators take basic activities and infuse them with more meaning, play, and impact. 


Fantasy is the birthplace of ideas. If you’re thinking about what you’re going to do in the future, you enter into a reverie & contemplate multiple possibilities. You use your imagination to search beyond where you are.

"We use storyboarding to see how each moment in the journey connects and to understand where opportunities for improvement lie."

- Katie Dill, AirBnb



Unlike other journey mapping or storyboarding software, Reverie is more than just a blank canvas. It’s designed to spark inspiration and creative ideas, guiding you & your team to conceptualize more enriching tours, activities, journeys, and spaces for your guests.


With over 40 different emotional themes to work with, your EQ will skyrocket with the use of Reverie


With 30+ engagement strategies, you’ll begin to create interactive & immersive moments with meaning


With prompts for different stages of the journey, you’ll ensure that your experience has impact

30+ Immersive Engagement Strategies

What does it really take to engage guests on a deeper level? These strategies are informed by behavioral and neuroscience, and each card inside the app will prompt you to reflect on how you are layering these tactics together to create novel, meaningful moments for your visitors & guests. 

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There is no limit to the amount of journeys you can create! Select the plan that’s right for you. Not sure where you fall or need a custom payment plan? Get in touch


For small operators with just one brand or property

Unlimited Experiences/Journeys

Monthly Q&A with

personalized feedback

Monthly Trends & Insights Report




For operators with small collection of brands or properties, and DMCS

Unlimited Experiences/Journeys

10 Brands/Properties

Monthly Q&A with

personalized feedback

Monthly Trends & Insights Report




For higher volume consultants, experience designers, and operators

Unlimited Experiences/Journeys

Unlimited Brands/Properties

Monthly Q&A with

personalized feedback

Monthly Trends & Insights Report




For hospitality management companies, DMOs and nonprofit partners 

Enterprise is best suited for organizations that will require multiple logins & accounts for a large number of members.

Custom Plan


Reverie is currently a desktop/tablet solution only. 

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